Freight quotes depend on your shipment’s distance, weight, density, susceptibility to damage, value, and handling ease. When determining your freight quote, a carrier will ask for this information to determine your shipment’s freight classification. A rate table based on distance traveled and freight class determines your shipment price.

LTL and TL Freight Quotes

LTL shipments are priced “per 100 pounds,” “cwt,” or “per hundred weight.” This means that a 400 lb shipment priced at $25 CWT would cost $100, not including accessories or specialty services. Typically, as the weight of your shipment increases the CWT rate decreases. Most freight carriers establish a minimum charge for light shipments. The rate for a full truckload shipment is calculated per mile and is typically cheaper than if it were priced per pound.

Surcharges and Accessories.

Remember, your freight carrier’s rate table will determine the base cost of your freight shipment, but almost all freight haulers add a fuel surcharge to the price of your shipment which can be up to 25 percent. If your item requires special handling or equipment, such as a liftgate or residential delivery, you will be charged an additional fee for these services as well.

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