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Parcels any greater than the maximum shipping dimensions may be refused by most major delivery companies. These companies (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) can ship large, heavy items within the restrictions. However, they will charge a premium to do so. They may also add surcharges for irregularly sized or unusual items. Before shipping your item through traditional means, get a quote for the parcel by posting a listing on uShip. Often, a driver with extra space can offer you huge savings to accommodate your parcel while traveling in the same direction. This is ideal for large parcels or parcels that do not meet the strict weight and size restrictions below.

Maximum Weight Maximum length Maximum length + girth Oversize Fees
uShip None None None None
USPS 70 pounds 108 inches 130 inches Almost triple rate for oversized or overweight package
UPS 150 pounds 108 inches 165 inches $50 for over maximum weight$50 for over maximum length$50 for over maximum length + girth
FedEx 150 pounds 119 inches 165 inches $55 oversize surcharge once length exceeds 108 inches $55 surcharge if length + girth exceeds 130 inches
DHL 150 pounds 108 inches 165 inches $50 Oversize service fee if any dimension exceeds 48’’ $50 Overweight package fee for over 150 pounds.


While FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS may transport items within the parcel weight restrictions, you can save major money by shipping your parcel with uShip.

Big packages cost a lot to ship, even if they fit within the maximum shipping dimensions mandated by traditional shipping companies. Be prepared to pay a price premium for large, heavy, or irregular packages shipped with UPS, USPS, FedEx or DHL.

Or, you could post a listing to and ship anything, anytime, anywhere.
No oversize fees, premiums, or restrictions.

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