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Moving any sized bed yourself is difficult even under the best circumstances and almost impossible under the worst. Finding an efficient way for mattress moving can save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration during any house move. By following these steps, you can properly pack, wrap, and move all aspects of your bed, from the bed to any sized mattress.

First step is to disassemble all the parts of your bed. Make sure to place all the hardware into a Ziploc bag, or store them in a safe, easily remembered place for easy reassembly. Use empty boxes or spare cardboard to create a full layer around any headboards, foot boards, or bed runners. This will protect the delicate wood finish or paint during your move. Make sure to securely tape boxes together.

The second step towards mattress shipping is to bundle any supports or frames you have together. It is important to keep all parts of the bed together for easy reassembly later. Wrap frame with extra sheets or even newspaper and secure tightly with tape to prevent them from scratching other furniture.

The third step in moving a mattress is the heavy lifting of packing the mattress. An easy way to protect your mattress and box springs during moving is buying a mattress encasement at any mattress or bedding store. These come in vinyl or cotton and will zip up around your mattress or box springs to protect against stains and any snags or friction that could occur during your move. These encasements make moving even a king sized mattress easier and safer then moving without any protection.

Bed shipping shouldn’t be difficult and with proper packing and a little research into shipping techniques you can ship your bed safely and easily.

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