shipping guide

When relocating your vehicle with uShip, you can easily find the right transporter for your needs. We give you all the tools to evaluate carriers on their uShip profile, including their qualifications, services, feedback left by previous customers, history and experience. This information will help you choose the best transporter for your needs. You might find the perfect transporter by listing your shipment up to auction, requesting a quote from a transporter or naming your price.

Listing your Vehicle:

You will need to create a listing with the details of your item. Be specific, so you can attract service providers who are qualified to move your shipment. Dean Xeros, General Manager of uShip motors and industry expert, says that the best way to find a great transporter is to list a complete and accurate description of the automobile. “If the vehicle is factory stock, not a problem,” he says. “But if any modifications have been made– if it’s been lowered, over-sized tires have been put on it, then it’s really important that the transporter know this in advance.”

In your listing, you should describe the model and make of your vehicle. Include any information about modifications, such as larger tires or spoilers. Communicate your time frames for both delivery and pick-up. Request the type of service you want. Furthermore, let these guys know of any mechanical issues. Non-running cars can be transported if they can still brake, roll and steer. If you tell your transporter in advance, they can be better prepared.

Pricing Methods:

Pricing your vehicle depends on how much time you have to receive bids. The price is also heavily dependent on the type of service you buy.

Your first option is to book with providers who publish their rates on uShip. Enter all the needed information about your car and get upfront quotes from registered carriers. After reviewing these quotes, you can send carriers booking requests.

You may otherwise list your automobile shipment to the marketplace in two ways. You can name your price or start a simple auction. Use ‘Name Your Price’ to ship your item quickly and for a good price. You will publish the price that you think is reasonable and within your budget. You can get an idea of a reasonable price by checking out the widget on that page, which calculates an estimate based on similar shipments. The Name Your Price option automatically chooses the first bid that matches your named price by qualified transporter (feedback rating of at least 10 and 90% or greater positive feedback). This is perfect if you don’t have enough time to wait on bids. Remember, if no transporters can accept your price, you may increase it as often as you want.

Ultimately, most people list their vehicles to the marketplace for simple auction. Create a listing by specifying all the car’s details, the duration of the auction, target price and maximum price. Capable transporters will then find your shipment and bid on it.

Receiving Bids:

For the rest of the time period you have specified, bids will filter in from various transporters looking for loads. Carriers will ask questions on your listing page, to clarify the details of your shipment. Keep up with the bids on this page, as some may expire (a transporter with extra space who is travelling through your area can save some serious money by adding your load to the unfilled area in this truck).


Once you are ready, you must choose among the transporters who bid on your car transport. You will be ready to accept a bid once you have:

  • Answered all questions asked about your shipment
  • Found a carrier you feel comfortable with
  • Reviewed the feedback on the carrier’s profile
  • Checked the permits and legal authority of the car carrier

Finally, accept the bid from the car carrier you like and begin the booking procedure! Go to your shipment page and click the button by your chosen carrier’s name to confirm their booking. Then, you will be prompted to review the details of your shipment and their bid. If applicable, you will be prompted for a service charge and deposit with details on how to pay (by credit card or uShip payments). Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with your transporter’s contact information, their terms and conditions and instruction for the next steps.

After you have booked the shipment, give your provider a little while to contact you. Most will contact you within a few hours. Transporters may be on the road when you book with them, so give them time to respond.

Important Notes:

Feedback is an important part of the uShip system, and we encourage everyone to leave feedback after their shipment is complete. Feedback helps future customers make good decisions when choosing a carrier with uShip. Log on after the shipment is completed and rate your carrier. We love to hear accounts of how things went. Furthermore, a good recommendation is the best way to thank your transporter for great service, and help his business succeed.