motorcycle shipping guide

Enclosed trailers for motorcycle transport

You will usually have the choice of open or enclosed trailers when moving your motorcycle. Motorcycles are delicate and can be damaged from the elements while on the road, so it is ideal to ship your bike on an enclosed trailer. This is the more expensive option, but will help keep your motorcycle safe from damage, theft or loss.

Choose an enclosed transport trailer if:

  • Your motorcycle will be on the road for several days, or over a large distance
  • Your motorbike is extremely valuable or delicate

Open trailers for motorcycle transport

Many shippers choose closed motorcycle transport trailers, but there are many times when an open trailer can be used safely and cheaply. If you are shipping your motorcycle a small distance, then open transport for your motorcycle is ideal. Since your motorcycle will be transported in one trip, and not left unattended overnight, it will not incur damage from the outdoors or be open to theft. If you’re trying tow work within a tight timeline, it may just be easier time finding a transporter with an open trailer, than to arrange shipment on an enclosed multi-motorcycle trailer.

Choose an open motorcycle transport trailer if:

  • You are shipping a motorcycle over a short distance
  • The trip may only take one day
  • You are prepared against damage from outdoors
  • You need fast transport

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