motorcycle shipping guide

The best way to find a transporter for your motorbike transport is to choose the company that you’re most comfortable with. When you have listed your shipment and received bids from carriers, you have a limited time period to accept a bid. You should base this decision on their insurance coverage, experience, history, feedback, and legal authority.

  • Book the carrier only after you have verified his credentials. The only way to be truly protected is to hire a transporter who is certified by Australian legal authority.  Registered motorcycle transporters have the licensing, quality and accountability you need when relocating your personal goods.
  • The carrier should offer the type of trailer you want to transport your motorcycle. You have the option of enclosed and open trailers.
  • To find your transporter’s liability and insurance coverage, look to their uShip profile. Carriers are required to have both liability and cargo insurance to legally transport your motorcycle. Read the fine print, and ensure the coverage is right for your specifications. Personal motorcycle insurance usually does not cover a bike in transport, but it won’t hurt to ask your agent about insurance during relocation.
  • Use the carrier’s uShip profile to evaluate his capability to transport your motorcycle. The feedback left by previous customers on this page will be helpful. You can see just how the transporter performed on past motorcycle moves. Make sure the transporter has experience shipping motorcycles; a great car transporter may have no experience shipping a motorbike.
  •  Your research and knowledge will lead you to the perfect carrier.  Research the companies, ask them questions, and compare across the board. Some questions you may want to ask a carrier include:
  1. Do you have any specific policies or procedures I should be aware of?
  2. What are your pickup and delivery procedures?
  3. What are your payment and deposit procedures?

Your decision will be based on the price of the bid, the timeframe of the service, the type of service, insurance, quality and credibility. Use you common sense and follow the uShip terms and conditions when choosing a transporter for a safe and easy shipment.

Motorcycles being shipped on uShip:

1980 Moto Guzzi le Mans 850 mk2

1989 Suzuki GN250