motorcycle shipping guide

To be fully prepared to ship your motorcycle, be sure to take the necessary steps before the shipper arrives. Check your motorbike thoroughly for pre-existing damage, and make a record of this. Doing so will help you avoid future problems in the case of an insurance claim.

  • Clean the motorcycle carefully.
  • Take note any damages, scratches
  • Make a record of any mechanical issues
  • Take many pictures of your bike from different angles
  • Further, take pictures of existing damage
  • Date-stamp all your documents and records

You will usually not need to drain the gas tank or remove the battery. Your motorcycle will usually not be crated or packaged, though different rules apply if you are shipping your motorcycle as freight.

Remove accessories and loose items from your motorcycle. They may be lost, stolen, or damaged, but will not be covered by insurance.

Endure that the motorcycle is in working order. If not, detail this when creating your listing on uShip so that bidders can be prepared. Your bike will usually not be driven very far, but your transporter may ride it on an doff the truck or trailer ramp. Therefore, you will need to fix all mechanical problems beforehand and make notes for the transporter of any special operating instructions.

  • Inflate the tires
  • Ensure that the battery is charged
  • Fill the gas tank to one fourth or half full
  • Check and repair any fluid leaks or mechanical issues
  • Have detailed documents on hand