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Classic cars are more than simply a utilitarian item to their owners. They are prized possessions that oftentimes have taken many years and plenty of elbow grease to repair. Because of their sentimental value and importance, it is important to take the time to find an auto transporter who specializes in shipping classic and antique cars, as these vehicles may have specific requirements.

Speak with your antique car transporter in depth—they will have a vested interest in making sure your antique car shipping process results in no damages. A transporter who specializes in classic cars will have the experience and tools to safely move your car and may have extensive knowledge on what your particular car needs.

As with most car transport, antique shippers will have the option of both enclosed or open trucks and trailers to move your car. Regular open trailers shouldn’t be used for exotic car transports, as they can expose them to all kinds of elements and weather-related wear and tear. Enclosed trailers offer much more protection and provide the peace of mind you need when it comes to your unique and irreplaceable vehicle.

Additionally, many antique car specialists recommend using non-stacking trailers as oil may drip from cars on the upper deck and damage the ones below. Choose a transporter who uses soft tie-downs in their trucks and trailers to avoid scratches on the paint and other damage.

Be sure to start researching classic car transporters well in advance so you have ample time to get insurance coverage, read previous customers’ reviews and prepare for a safe shipment.

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