Booked a Job through uShip?

Once you’ve booked a job through uShip, these are the first steps to making money and receiving positive customer feedback. Follow these steps after you have booked your job on uShip to grow into a Power Carrier.

Contact the Customer

Once a customer accepts your bid you should receive an email notification. At this point, contact information is automatically exchanged so that you can complete the shipment. You should contact the customer as soon as possible to work out any final details to arrange pickup.

Walk Customer Through the Shipping Process

It is a best practice to walk through the shipping process with the customer as many may not be familiar with the process. Setting expectations early can also ensure there are no surprises to the customer that may negatively impact their feedback.

Leave Feedback

After you have completed the job, you should leave feedback for the customer and encourage them to leave feedback for you. For that reason, it almost goes without saying that providing good customer service will help build your reputation and positive feedback scores.

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