Want tips on how-to create a profile on uShip?

After you register for uShip, it is highly recommended that you add more details to your Profile. This will allow shippers to know who you are when they see that you are placing bids. Having a more detailed profile and an authentic photograph will add to your credibility. To Shippers, this is, along with your feedback score, are your opportunity to inspire confidence and provide a boost over just bids as the reason to choose your services. Additionally, this directory is public and often appears in search engines. Your uShip Profile is a great place to put your best face forward and this guide will provide tips and instructions on how to create a profile on uShip and optimize it.

Add Company Information

How-to Create a Profile on uship: Profile Status Bar

Who you are is the most important information you will need to convey. Sharing your company’s name, the locations served and the categories you serve will provide a clearer picture in to what your business is about. This information goes above aesthetics, too. Additions to your profile will reflect on the status bar and statistics have shown an increased probability of winning bids based on providing certain information.


Company Snapshot

How-to Create a Profile on uShip: Enter Company Information

You will see two buttons. One with the prompt to “Add Description” and another to “Upload Pictures.” You will also see that information you provided during the registration process will automatically populate your profile. You can edit this information at any time here.

  • Profiles with pictures are 38% more likely to win a bid.
  • Uploading 3 pictures adds up to 13% towards completing your profile.
  • Entering a 800 character profile description adds up to 40% completing your profile.

Company details

How-to Create a Profile on uShip: Enter Company Details 

When you are editing your profile, information that is already on your profile from previous profile edits and from registration will already be populated. This is where you can add your company’s name, address, phone number, and more. Additionally, you can also list how many drivers and trucks your company has. This will provide a snapshot in to how large your operations are. Finally, you can use a checkbox to list your carrier operations.

  • Entering company details adds up to 14% towards completing your profile. 



Add more credibility to your profile by showing users that you are legally able to perform jobs. We’ll use a third party to verify the information you provide and place a badge on your profile that will show users that you are a valid provider. This will help you win more jobs and place you above seemingly less credible providers.

Operating Authority and Other Licenses

How-to Creat a Profile on uShip: Operating Authority

Displaying that you have the right credentials is important. Many users will look to see that TSPs specifically are licensed and can perform jobs legally. For instance, DOT#’s are required for interstate shipping so users of interstate shipments will only consider bids in which there is a DOT# present.

  • Entering your operating authority or licenses adds up to 8% towards completing your profile

MC/DOT Verification

How-to Create a Profile on uShip: MC/DOT Verification

If you click “Verify & Add” to edit your DOT# or MC#, you will be placed in to this form. Once you add both numbers, uShip will use a third party to verify your business which will unlock the following:

  • Exclusive access to brokered loads – These loads have low flat fees and are posted by brokers that are serious about shipping (non-verified carriers can still place auction bids).
  • Strengthen your reputation – Customers and brokers will see a “Verified” badge on your profile, earning you an extra level of trust.
  • Instant Booking with Book It Now – Book these loads instantly at the customer’s Book It Now price – no waiting for a customer to accept your bid. Look for the Book It Now filter under “Pricing” in the left-hand side of Find Shipments.


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