More tips on how-to create a profile on uShip

How-to Create a Profile on uShip: Status BarIf you have been following our first guide on how to create and optimize your uShip profile, we still have more tips to share. If you missed the first part, you can read it here. Now let’s continue on the path to getting your profile complete.

Insurance and Optional Coverage

How-to Create a Profile on uShip: Add Insurance Information

People want to make sure that their item is secure and that in the event that anything happens to the item, it can be fixed or repaired with few headaches. Adding your coverage details and being transparent about this will help potential shippers feel more confident about booking your services. Entering this information will add 7% to your profile, as well.

Trailer and Service Types

How-to Create a Profile on uShip: Add Trailer and Service Types

The information here should look vaguely familiar and you will noticed that it may already be populated. This is information that may already have been provided at registration. It is here so that you may update it to more accurately reflect any more services or trailers you have added. It is a best practice to keep this updated so that more customers can find you.

Service Area

How-to Create a Profile on uShip: Add service areas

This information should also look familiar as it was a part of the registration process. Service area information is how we automatically determine your recommended shipments and how you can be found in directories.

TerraPass Certification

By signing up for TerraPass, you can help sponsor clean energy projects that balance out the global warming impact of your services. The program is easy, affordable, and verified. Best of all, uShip will pay your first month. Learn more about how TerraPass works.

Tracking Options

uShip offers a range of tools and applications to help you provide shipment tracking for your customers. Select the location applications that best suit the needs of your business and your customers and manage options for your existing applications. Additional location applications will be added as they become available. Learn More about Tracking.

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