Want tips on how-to place a bid on uShip?

uShip is an online marketplace connecting people shipping anything, anytime, anywhere to customer-rated transporters. This guide will show you how to place a bid and start winning jobs. And if you have any questions about how uShip work, please feel free to contact Member Support.

Where to Bid

Every active listing you see will have the ability for you to bid. The bidding form is typically below the fold on the listing page. You may also notice a yellow “Place Bid” button at the top of the listing page which will take you directly to the bid form.


  • View shipment details – The shipment details page contains information like route, timeframe, weight and dimensions. Review these details to make sure this is a shipment you can service.
  • Ask questions – If there is any other information you need so you can make an accurate bid, click “Ask a Question” on the shipment details page – remember not to include contact info.

Deciding how much to bid

How-to Place a Bid on uShip: Bid Form

Once you have reviewed the shipment details and clarified any questions you might have, you need to decide how much you will bid.

  • Enter the amount you would like to earn –  Enter this amount in the “Starting” field on the bid form. Your fees will automatically be calculated so you will then see your Starting Total Bid, which is the amount the customer will see. This is the bid price you should reference in all communication. To enter a total bid amount with fees already included, uncheck the “Add uShip fee” box on the bid form.
  • Enter the Lowest Total Bid – This is an optional step. When you place a Lowest Bid, you will automatically underbid other transporters until this price is reached. This will also lower your price if a customer declines a bid and is a great way to bid competitively. This is especially useful when you are on the road.

Setting bid details


How-to Place a Bid on uShip: Identify Service Type

Select a service type, mode of transport and type of vehicle that will be used for the job.


How-to Place a Bid on uShip: Identify Transport Timeframe

Provide either a range of dates or a number of days after booking/pickup for pickup and delivery of the shipment.

Bid Expiration

How-to Place a Bid on uShip: Identify Bid Expiration

Select either a specific date/time or a number of days from now when the bid will expire – at that point, the customer will no longer be able to accept your bid.

Note to Customer

How-to Place a Bid on uShip: Send a Note

Provide any additional details about your bid – remember not to include any contact information.

Payment Terms

How-to Place a Bid on uShip: Payment Terms

Select the method by which you would like to be paid.

Group Bidding

How-to Place a Bid on uShip: Group Bidding

Bid on multiple shipments without the risk of overbooking and incurring cancellations. You can find Group Bidding in the Advanced Bidding section near the bottom of the bid form. Because any bids in a group that put you over-capacity are automatically deleted, you don’t have to worry about overbooking or requesting cancellations.You can learn more about Group Bidding here.

After Bidding

The shipping customer will be notified of your bid and ask questions, accept, or decline your bid.

  • If your bid is accepted, you will receive direct contact info for the customer as well as pick-up and delivery contact info and addresses.
  • If your bid is accepted, uShip will collect a deposit from the customer in the amount of your uShip fee and credit that amount to your account, which will offset your match fee.
  • If your bid is declined, you will receive an email explaining the reason the shipped did not accept the bid. You are free to rebid on the shipment, if you want.
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