Looking to join uShip as a Carrier?

The first step to booking jobs on uShip is getting an account. The process is simple and can be broken down in to 3 main steps. All you need to get started is an accessible email address and to follow the steps listed in this guide on how-to register for uShip as a Carrier.

Step 1

Personal information

How-to Register for uShip as a Carrier: Enter Personal Information

Let us know who you are. We want to know off-the-bat if you’re a Shipper, Carrier or a Broker (or a Carrier & Broker). This sets up the rest of the process in motion and lets us know what information we will best need from you.

Enter your real email address

How-to Register for uShip as a Carrier: Enter Email Information

Once you have selected that you’re a Carrier, we will need your contact information. Because we will be sending you information, as well as verifying your email account, you are going to want to use an account that you have immediate access to and want to primarily use for us to contact you. If you need to create a new email address for this purpose, go ahead.

Alternatively, you can use your Facebook credentials to sign up with us. Just click “Connect with Facebook” and you will see a pop-up from Facebook asking if uShip has permission to your information. Once you allow this, personal information like your email will automatically be filled in to our registration process.

Enter name, location and phone number

How-to Register for uShip as a Carrier:Enter Account Information

We want to make sure we can reach you by phone and get to know who you are. This is the last part of this step.

Step 2

Enter user information

How-to Register for uShip as a Carrier:Enter User Information

Now that we know how to reach you and who you are we can make sure that you have an identity on uShip and can easily look for jobs.

Choose a username and password

The username you create will be how you’re identified on the site to others. It must contain at least six characters, with at least one being a letter.

Passwords are case-sensitive and must contain at least six characters.

Select a secret question 

If you lose your password, we will use the answer to your secret question to verify your identity. You will also need access to your email account that you registered with in the event his happens so it is a good idea to make sure all of this information is current and accessible

Additional information

How-to Register for uShip as a Carrier:Enter Additional Information

Let us know how you heard about us. We figure this: If we got a good carrier like you through this channel then maybe there are more where you came from

Business information

How-to Register for uShip as a Carrier:Enter Business Information

This is where you can get a head start on creating your profile and share what you specialize in. Additionally, by providing us with your Carrier MC # and DOT #, we can get a head start on verifying your information and letting users know that you are fully licensed to perform your services.

Select Trailer Types

This is where you can let us know what type of trailers you can use for your jobs. This information will be helpful for users who are trying to book you for jobs fully know what services are available.

Select Service Category

This is where you can select the type of services you specialize in.

Service Locations

This is where you can indicate which locations where you are able to perform jobs.

Step 3

Check Your Email
After you have submitted this information and agreed to the uShip User Agreement, we will send an email to the address you signed up with earlier. The email will have a link that upon being clicked will complete your registration process.

Now go out and win business!

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