Moving Guide

If you have just bought a car on Craigslist that is not in working condition, or you need to ship off to a distant friend or relative, you will need to hire a transporter to get it moved. According to Craigslist, offers to ship a vehicle by the seller are often a scam. Check out Craigslist’s guide to avoiding scammers for more information. The safest alternative is to prepare and ship the vehicle yourself with a transport company you trust.

If you have purchased a vehicle on Craigslist and need to have it moved, you have a variety of different options for auto transport. Your car can be towed, driven or loaded into a car-carrying trailer. If the car is not in working condition, the option of driving it is obviously out of the question, but you may also incur additional transportation fees, especially if the wheels and tires are not highway ready or there is difficulty loading it onto a trailer or tow dolly. There are a variety of options for transporting a vehicle, from large multi-vehicle transport trailers, to single-car “hot-shot” transport. For more information visit our page on service options for auto transport.

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Once you have selected the type of service you want to use to transport your vehicle, begin contacting companies. Make sure that you confirm each company’s legal carrier status and credentials by asking for their USDOT or MC numbers and checking the information on You should also inquire about insurance and references. Our guide to choosing an auto transporter may be useful as you make your selection. You should make sure that the transportation company knows that they will be picking the vehicle up from the Craigslist seller’s home or business, and that punctuality and professionalism are an absolute priority.

If you are unable to be present during the move, you will need someone you trust to complete and sign off on the pre-shipment inspection. Transportation companies will assess your vehicle and give you a condition report, which is very important if you have to make an insurance claim later on. The driver will also inspect the car to ensure that it is prepared for transport before he loads it. Properly preparing your car for transport is the easiest way to ensure that your vehicle will arrive safely at its destination.