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How to Move and Ship Tables

Before you ship a table, you need to properly prepare it for transport. You should examine the table to see how it is assembled and how to take it apart. Disassemble the table, then properly protect and package your table pieces for shipping.

Prepare for Table Shipping

  • Remove the legs and leaves.
  • Place all hardware in a labeled plastic bag, and tape securely to the underside of the table.
  • Apply wax to all wood surfaces to protect from scratching.
  • Wrap all pieces in furniture pads or bubble wrap.
  • Crate the pieces in a sturdy box and fill all extra space with packaging peanuts or other padding.

Tips for Assembled Table Shipping

  • Lift the table by the apron, not legs or a leaf.
  • Wrap furniture moving pads around the legs, to avoid dents and dings.
  • If your table has leaves, fold them down and secure before shipping the table.
  • Avoid pressure on hinges, screws, or glued seams.

Hiring a Shipping Company to Move Your Table

There’s always the option of hiring a professional furniture delivery service to move your table. You have many options from shipping as freight to hiring a white glove delivery service. White glove delivery service will typically mean the carriers will disassemble, package, and reassemble your goods at delivery. They’ll even place it where you want it to go in your home. Freight shipping can often mean crating your table on your own, taking it to a terminal and finding a way to pick it up from the delivery terminal, but it can be quite cost effective.

Using uShip to Transport Your Table

When you use uShip, you save time and money. Avoid using brokers or lead generating companies giving out your information only to clutter your inbox. uShip is your one stop shop for shipping a table. Simply create a shipment listing detailing the needs of your delivery, including dimensions, dates for pick up and delivery, and service requests. Then, carriers will provide you with their best shipping quotes as they compete for your business. Review the quotes and their uShip carrier profiles to make sure they have the experience and ratings that make for an experienced transporter. Select the carrier that works best for you and you’re on your way to your table being delivered.

Content Updated: April 29, 2019 – Lisa Friedrich