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Did you or your spouse just receive PCS orders for overseas? Are you planning on bringing your POV with you?

If you answered yes to both of the above, it is important for you to know the changes that take effect for shipping your Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) overseas beginning May 1, 2014.

The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, responsible for managing DoD’s POV shipping program, have signed a new contractor (International Auto Logistics) that will be responsible for shipping your vehicle from the US to the processing center closest to your overseas PCS location.

Along with the new contractor, and in light of the increasing budget cuts that have placed a significant burden on the entire military community, four of these stateside Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) locations have been closed permanently. If you want to ship your vehicle overseas, you’ll have to transport it to one of the remaining nine VPC locations left in the US.

What does all this mean to you?

For many servicemembers and their family, OCONUS POVs could translate to hundreds of additional miles driving to the nearest remaining VPC location to drop off your vehicle. A PCS move overseas is already a major event in a military family’s life. It requires strict timelines, budgeting, and a ton of patience. Your time is valuable and spending extra money and time on the road is not a viable solution.

uShip For Military wants to make your life easier by providing you the fastest, cheapest, and no-hassle alternative to driving across the country to transport your POV.

As a member of the military, using uShip’s network of thousands of transportation providers to ship your car is easy and stress free. The only requirement to begin the process is to register with uShip, become TroopID verified to receive an immediate military discount, and place the vehicle you need to move on our free online shipping marketplace, along with your preferred timeline and destination. Once that’s done, over 600,000 consumer rated transport providers bid to win your business. You choose which price and which transport provider is right for you.

Finding a reliable transportation provider that values your service, timelines, and wallet can be a major headache and cost saver. Once you have selected your provider, supply them with all the proper paperwork and allow them to ship your vehicle to the VPC.

For more information and details on the new changes to DoD’s POV transportation policy, please make sure to check out their official page, as well as the overseas transportation page which lists all the requirements, documentation and regulations to transport your vehicle overseas.