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Shipping your Boat from Craigslist

Once you have purchased a boat on Craigslist, you will want to know a couple of things when you contact moving companies. In addition to the make and model of the boat, you will need to have accurate estimates of the height, width and depth of the boat. The owner’s manual can be a good source for this information, but you will have to include any custom additions that may have been made. If there’s any doubt, you or your Craigslist seller will need to get exact measurements. For more information check our article on how to measure your boat.

When transporting your boat, you will have the option hiring someone to tow your own boat trailer or load your boat onto their trailer. Having someone tow your boat trailer may be the least expensive option but will require a registered trailer in working condition. Towing your boat on your trailer may also make you liable for any unexpected damages to your boat, which your carrier’s insurance may not cover. Confirm the condition of the trailer with your Craigslist seller before deciding on this option. If the transporter is providing the trailer, make sure you ask about any special preparations they may require to ensure a smooth move.

Choosing a reputable boat carrier is essential. You will need a transporter who has the equipment, authority and expertise to ensure your new boat arrives safely at its destination. Make sure you check the carrier’s USDOT or MC registration on SAFER. It is also important to check insurance information and reviews from previous customers on their uShip profile. Make sure to ask questions about their insurance coverage, their expertise in moving boats and references. Most movers will be happy to supply you with this information.

Make sure to inform the carrier if you will not be at the pick-up point when they arrive, and either talk to the seller or the carrier about preparing the boat for transport. Preparing a boat correctly for transport is essential in preventing any damage from happening while in transition. Ask your mover if they offer “white glove” services, where they will prepare your boat for transport, if you cannot do it yourself.

Using uShip for Your Boat Transport

Save time and money when you use uShip to move your boat. Avoid the hassle of researching individual companies and reaching out to each one on your own. Create a listing with your boat transport needs and carriers will come to you with their best rates. Review their uShip profile to make sure they have the know-how and the customer-rated feedback that suits your needs. Basically, with uShip, you’re in control.

Content Updated: April 26, 2019 – Lisa Friedrich